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RP about your very own school! What will your class be like? What sort of things will you study?

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YouTube Magic {ATJ}

Last post by d3hightimes3j

Created By puppybuddy123 on August 10, 2016

1,149 Views 13 Posts

School of Magic |(Open for Forms)

Last post by RoleplayingTips101

Created By RoleplayingTips101 on March 25, 2017

2,274 Views 24 Posts

Magicians Unite!

Last post by SnowflakeAngelKitten

Created By SnowflakeAngelKitten on April 14, 2017

1,900 Views 22 Posts

• Writing • ATJ, Advanced •

Last post by SnowflakeAngelKitten

Created By snoopynwoodstock123 on April 19, 2017

3,506 Views 37 Posts

The power childner School roleplay

Last post by slurpie3

Created By slurpie3 on May 02, 2017

1,378 Views 20 Posts


Last post by Black_Rose_19

Created By Black_Rose_19 on April 23, 2017

1,225 Views 11 Posts

Cr0ss High(PG-13)

Last post by Niko_Cat

Created By Niko_Cat on April 23, 2017

559 Views 2 Posts

Mutant School Role-Play Fantasy/Adventure

Last post by Owl614

Created By Owl614 on April 22, 2017

654 Views 1 Post

Clearwater Prep (Semi-Advanced, RP, Open)

Last post by Abbergrl

Created By ThePaleWalker636 on February 20, 2017

7,299 Views 303 Posts


Last post by XxRuby_PhoenixxX

Created By Mellisa169 on April 09, 2017

885 Views 6 Posts

⚡Secret Spy Squad⚡ S.S.S.

Last post by LadyLeshurr

Created By LadyLeshurr on April 04, 2017

693 Views 6 Posts

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Roleplay Wars [ATJ, REVIVED]

Last post by SnowflakeAngelKitten

Created By Jomeimei on August 06, 2014

10,236 Views 13 Posts
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Rules and Regulations. How to Chat + Post on Kidzworld!

Last post by Jordan

Created By Jordan on May 09, 2012

8,518 Views 1 Post

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