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so like i play for a team let's calll them shuman trojans and this other team we played aginst lise call the m the west chatham bobcats, welll had a game the other day and the chick on the other team like rammed into me and made me flip into the air and like tuck and rolli landed on my shoulder ....well this samt chick like elbowed my friend lets call her monica in the nose and it bleed reallly hard..... the thing that got on our nerves was when the reff didn't see anything at all.... but we alllknow he saw the girl push/elbow me and monica telll what u think but when my other friend let's call her kaylie accidently kicked a girl in the mouth while trying to get the balll we got a red cardnow that was a whole bunch of bbullcrap so telll if it was wrong or right what the reff. did