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Soccer (Football)

Talk about your favorite athletes and teams in American soccer or European Football

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Brazil 2014

By Goodness_2657465 on June 15, 2014

874 Views 9 Posts

Last post by KPlover123


Who likes soccer on KW?

By coollikethat567_2442642 on March 25, 2014

1,672 Views 12 Posts

Last post by miley15


Who gonna win FIFA 2014 ?

By Diloo_2632253 on July 13, 2014

548 Views 1 Post

Last post by Diloo_2632253


Your world cup team

By Danielneedsyou_2242498 on June 14, 2014

1,447 Views 17 Posts

Last post by muller123


Messi !! Messi !!

By Akki_inLove_2711868 on June 15, 2014

598 Views 2 Posts

Last post by vanillatwilightgu...


USA is gonna make the round of 16

By soccer ll on June 16, 2014

630 Views 1 Post

Last post by soccer ll


World Cup 2014

By minecraft_girl995 on June 02, 2013

899 Views 3 Posts

Last post by prettypink1_2024703



By Tyga4000_1936616 on June 19, 2013

2,186 Views 39 Posts

Last post by Zamia123


Fifa WC 2014!!

By mir111_2147673 on May 25, 2014

717 Views 3 Posts

Last post by kitty039


Who doesnt love...

By chuntiz_nena15_2692578 on May 08, 2014

913 Views 2 Posts

Last post by Baby260_1746383

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Rules and Regulations. How to chat/post on Kidzworld!

By Jordan on January 23, 2013

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