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Can't find a group that interests you? That’s okay, cause you can make your own.

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Secrets group

Category: Uncategorized

Tell me your secrets.There are limited spaces and no one can get into the comments except the people in the group. 1.Me 2. 3. 4. This will be erased after all the spots are filled

Members: 1


Category: Uncategorized

It's Like Heaven For Otaku's, We here loyal anime fans discuss Things Anime Or Manga related. You may post anime's you think the Otaku's might enjoy, Or just chat about the latest episode of boku no hero. Other than that, I highly hope you enjoy y...

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Members: 3

Hair heaven

Category: Uncategorized

Talk about what your hair looks like and what you want it to look like.This is also for people with frizzy hair and we will tell you how to sort it out

Members: 8

Depression and Anxiety

Category: Uncategorized

This is for all of you out there who are having real life issues and need someone out there to understand what you’re going through. This is that place.

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Members: 3

Ghosts Stories

Category: Just for fun

Hi... You can tell ghosts Stories here and celebrate Halloween .. Well it's only for Girls

Img 20180708 184506
Members: 8

Your diary ... For Girls

Category: Just for fun

It's a diary for Girls to share ur feelings like ur diary ...... JUST ENJOY

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Members: 16

KW Gang

Category: Just for fun

Welcome! This is a safe chat group, only kids from 8 to 13 (for safety). Talk a lot if you want!!. We talk about trends, videogames, TV shows... Anything that cool tweens like us love!

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Members: 8


Category: Uncategorized

This group is about nothing and everything, but mostly nothing. If you are rude you get BANNED!!!!!!!!!!(I don't think that I can do that but for the purpose of this let's say, I can) Even if you just want to type random letters and talk in a fake...

Members: 10

Tell your story

Category: Just for fun

Share your stories everyday with others and tell others your sad stories . The important thing is to not tell useless and bad personal things. ENJOY!

Members: 5


Category: Celebs

A chat group about the 18 SM boys. NCT DREAM, 127 and U.

Members: 5


Category: Celebs

Hello! This is a new group started by me about the K-POP group EXO. We welcome EXO fans to the group as we talk about the amazing, talented boys!

Fareeeha's group picture
Members: 11

love life if we enjoyed

Category: Kidzworld Help

Come if you like to enjoy your life with good ideas!!!

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Members: 4


Category: Food

Who ever likes mint can come here!Ask to leave.

Members: 5

Enjoy Life While You A...

Category: Just for fun

Well this group is about sharing life with each other and helping each other out. Also this group is meant to bring us all together, so we can all enjoy life <3

Members: 6

Does he like me

Category: General

Describe what the boy acts likes in front of you and what he does. I will give you my opinion if he likes you or not.

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