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Providing a Safe Social Network for Kids and Teens

Confidently unleash your free-spirited self in KW’s community—it’s the perfect place to express yourself! There’s something for everyone in our kids’ social network. You can safely meet new friends, share pictures and videos, comment on posts, and join the chat room. Plus, as one of the best social networking sites for kids and teens, you can truly explore your creativity and interests by writing a blog, joining different groups, and a lot more!

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Social Media for Kids & Teens

Kidzworld’s social networking site was designed with YOU in mind. You’ll get all the good stuff of popular sites like Facebook, but with features specific to the interests of kids and teens. And, parents can relax, knowing that their children are using a positive, safe, and fun social networking site for kids.

Top 10 Online Safety Tips For Kids

  1. Under no circumstances should you give any personal information to anyone online. That includes personal email, home mailing address, phone number, parents' names, sibling names, the school you attend, the city you live in, favorite sports team, and anything similar that could help identify who you are or where you live. If this information is requested to complete an online purchase, ask your parents to review the website and help you checkout.
  2. If someone in a chatroom asks you questions that don't feel right, do not answer them. Immediately notify your parents and contact a moderator. Do not engage with anyone that asks you questions that make you feel uncomfortable.
  3. Do not agree to meet anyone you have met in a chatroom through social media or other online platforms in public. If you believe you have met a friend and want to meet up, get your parents involved, and help you navigate the situation. Not everyone has bad intentions, but precaution is key to your safety.
  4. Do not post pictures of yourself under your profile, or in chat feeds. Images can help people identify you through social media and other media outlets. Keep photos of yourself, siblings, and friends off of the internet when possible.
  5. Know that cyberbullying is real, and people can be devastated by it. Do not engage in cyberbullying. If you feel you are being bullied, inform your parents and contact a moderator for assistance dealing with the issue.
  6. Moderation is vital when it comes to online entertainment and child safety. Limit the amount of time you spend online, and allocate a block of the day that you will be spending in chatrooms and playing games. The internet is a vast world of fun, games, and entertainment, but it can also consume you. Practice moderation for a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Keep your user name and password to yourself, do not share your login credentials with anyone. Make sure that your user name and passwords are unique and are not duplicates of other social media profiles you have. If hackers can hack one profile, they will be able to hack others if the information is the same.
  8. Do not download files from the web without your parent's approval. Digital files can contain viruses that can harm your computer and give criminals access to your personal information. If you are unsure about a download, ask your parents, and let them determine if the website is credible.
  9. Don't cause problems. What goes around often comes around. Do not bully or engage in hateful banter. A fun chat room can turn into a negative place if one or more users defy the guidelines. This isn't good for anyone, so if you see this happen, take the initiative and report the inappropriate behavior to your parents and a moderator.
  10. Live and learn. Being a kid should be a fantastic time in your life, so live it up and have fun while doing it. Don't take the internet too serious, people say and do things that they would never do in person. So take it for what it is, have fun, live, learn, and be safe.


  • Q: Is Kidzworld’s social network safe for kids?
  • A: Kidzworld was designed as a safe place for kids to learn and have fun. Therefore, we did everything in our power to put the best safety systems in place. We believe Kidzworld is the safest social network for kids and teens because we have a unique combination of live and algorithmic moderation. With our algorithm picking up any inappropriate activity and teams of experienced moderators keeping an eye on everything, we are able to see everything that’s happening across our site and react promptly to any issues.
  • Q: How to get started with Kidzworld’s Social Media?
  • A: It’s simple! Just go to the Register page, click the Sign Up button and start filling in your information. In this way, you will create your own password-protected custom profile that you can use to access any and all features and activities on Kidzworld.
  • Q: How does social networking for kids work?
  • A: Once you click on the quiz, the first question pops up with multiple answers. You choose the answer you think is right for you, click Next to continue, and get another question! There’s a navigation bar at the bottom that helps you gauge how much of the quiz you’ve gone through. When you answer all questions, you’ll get your answer, with links to other quizzes you might find interesting. The whole process is interactive and engaging, so you know you’ll never be bored!
  • Q: At what age is a social network for kids OK?
  • A: Kidzworld is designed for kids ages 9-16. It’s up to parents to decide on their preferences, but we felt that this age group would have the most benefits from the content we offer. We are certain that on Kidzworld, kids and teens can have a safe space to talk, play, and learn together.
  • Q: Why can you trust our social network for kids?
  • A: We have a unique combination of live and algorithmic moderation. With our algorithm picking up any inappropriate activity and teams of experienced moderators keeping an eye on everything, we are able to see everything that’s happening across our site and react promptly to any issues. We use state-of-the-art moderation software (https://www.twohat.com/community-sift/) and have trained and experienced moderators monitoring all activity on our site.
  • Q: Does using social networks online violate my child’s privacy?
  • A: The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a law that protects the online privacy of children under the age of 13 in the US. We strictly adhere to this law and have implemented all rules and regulations needed to ensure privacy protection for kids. We never disclose the users’ personal information, except by subpoena from authorities. Your child’s personal information will be private, protected, and visible only to your child. What’s more, we prohibit any voluntary sharing of such information on our forums.
  • Q: Why are we the most kid-friendly social network?
  • A: Kidzworld was designed with children in mind. We implemented any and all security and privacy measures needed to protect children and ensure they have a safe environment to talk, play, and learn together. In addition, we foster a welcoming community where respect and tolerance are promoted and bullying of any kind prohibited.
  • Q: What should I do if I think someone I don’t know is trying to contact me?
  • A: If you get any strange messages from people you don’t know, use the report link on the text or message a moderator or administrator right away. Our moderators are always available and happy to assist you in any issues.
  • Q: Is it important to have social networks available to children?
  • A: In this day and age, we would say it’s important to educate kids on how to use social networks in a safe environment. This is why social networks that are specifically designed for kids are so important.
  • Q: Is social media good for 11-year-olds?
  • A: Our world is becoming increasingly digital. Friendships are made and fostered online. We publish quality content that helps kids learn and play. 11-year-olds should probably steer clear of traditional social media used by adults, but we believe that social networks for kids have a lot of benefits. Kidzworld was designed precisely for kids that age in mind, and it offers a safe space where they can learn, play, and make new friends.
  • Q:Can social networks harm a person’s reputation?
  • A: The majority of social networks aim to protect their users. However, it’s always a good idea to read the Terms of Service and determine which network offers the best protection. When it comes to kids, it’s best if they stick to social networks designed for children, such as Kidzworld. At Kidzworld, your children will talk and play with their peers in a safe and moderated environment. We have teams of moderators and junior moderators overseeing all activity and preventing any bullying or inappropriate activities.
  • Q: What age can my child start social networking?
  • A: At Kidzworld, the registration age is 9 years old. Our social network was designed for kids ages 9-16, and 9 is the minimum age accepted.