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Interdependence of food chains

Posted about 10 months ago by adumbperson

Animals and plants are interdependent - that means they depend on each other to survive. All living plants and animals need food to give them energy in order to survive.

Plants make their own food through photosynthesis. Living things that can make their own food are called producers because they produce their own food.

Animals cannot use sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to make food like plants do. Animals need to eat plants (or other animals) for energy to carry out their life processes. Living things that get their energy by eating either a plant or animals are called consumers.
• Many animals get their energy from eating plants. We call these animals herbivores.
• Some animals eat other animals to get energy. We call these animals carnivores.
• Other animals can eat plants and animals, like baboons or people. We call these animals omnivores.
• We get special animals called scavengers and decomposers. They eat dead animals and break their bodies into tiny pieces that can go into the soil as compost. These pieces must be small enough for plants to absorb.

There is a feeding relationship between producers and consumers. We call this relationship a food chain.
Plants are the producers.
Animals are the consumers.

A food chain describes how each living thing gets food and how energy is passed from one organism to the next. Energy is transferred from the sun to green plants and then to the animals in the food chain.