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My Lego Mini Creations - video on YouTube

Posted about about 1 month ago by adyantpankaj

Hello once again..

Couple of days back, I uploaded another video on YouTube about the mini creations that you can create using Lego bricks.

I made a Lego Lamp Post, a Lego Lifting Rod, a Lego Selfie Stick, a Lego Battle Tank, a Lego Video Camera, a Lego Bed Side Table Drawer with Lamp, a Lego Fishing Rod and a Lego Vacuum Cleaner.

Some of these creations are created using less than 10 pieces and are really interesting. I keep on creating and playing with such mini creations and then share with all my friends on YouTube channel. (oh yeah.. I am a YouTuber too .. )

Well.. you can watch how to make these Lego Mini Creations on this video.
I do not thing I can post the link here.. but you can search for my channel on YouTube by typing "Adyant Pankaj" in the search bar.

Its great sharing things with you over the blog.
Bye Bye and have a nice day.