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Crushes and... Puberty

Posted about about 2 months ago by Amethyst_Aura

Ok so we all get crushes and if you don’t you’ll get one soon. Sometimes we are not brave enough to talk about our crushes and that is absolutely fine! Whether you like a boy or girl there is always one thing going through your mind, do they like me back? Do they? Or don’t they? I assure you crushes are nothing to be embarrassed about (I should know). Thankfully I have a loyal, trustworthy best friend who I tell EVERYTHING. She is great at keeping secrets and is non-judgemental. Which is absolutely great! Talking to someone you trust can really help you if you are feeling kinda lonely about the situation. Getting crushes is part of, ugh I don’t want to say it, puberty... Everyone goes through puberty and it means you are growing up and turning into an adult. Most of the time girls go through puberty when they are between 8-13 and for most boys it is 9-15. If you are older or younger it is fine there is nothing wrong with going through puberty at the same age as most people. But anyways I need to stop now. If you have any questions or need advice just ask me! Xx