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African folktales-how the tortoise became bald

Posted about about 1 month ago by Animalsareheroes

Welcome to back to my blog
Today I will tell you an African folktale
How the tortoise became bald
Ijpa the tortoise had hair so had his wife.
It happened a long time ago before he broke his shell but that is another story altogether.
Ijpa started to smell the aroma of yam porridge, wanting it all to himself ,he told the dog family the king wanted to see them. With nowhere to put the porridge he put it in his hat ,He heard the dog family coming, without thinking he quickly put the hat on his head. It was burning his hair off. It was burning his head but he was walking normally he was trying to go but the dogs kept asking him to stay ,eventually It was too hot and he took of the hat. All his hair fell of and never grew again to make matters worse his kids all did not have hair.
Thank you For reading hope you read my next post