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Please Respect Me

Posted about about 1 year ago by animeweeb112

Please respect me .
I have my basic " You respect me , I'll respect you " rule , but for me that goes much further than just being respectful when it come to discomfort .
Why further ?
Because there is several things that I have gone through am going through that you will never know about . Somethings being such as I have trust issues , leading to me taking a rather long time before you gain my trust and I fully open up to you . I've been judged many times just because of how I type/speak or because how I choose to do or state things . I won't always be online and able to answer exactly at that time , but I will answer as soon as I possibly can and I truthfully and out of habit with say " I'm sorry " .
If you fall asleep , become busy , suddenly stop reply , I am patient so I will wait for you to reply before messaging again , so don't worry i'll understand because we possibly have different timezones or different amount of business in our lives and I understand that fully . Please do the same with me , Thank you . ^^