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The funny parrot

Posted about about 2 months ago by AnPham

There was a woman who wanted a pet dog, she drives her car to the pet store and then she walks in. She saw a funny looking parrot and then suddenly, the parrot said:
- You are ugly! - Said the parrot.
The woman was angry, she leaves without buying a dog.
The next day, the woman walks to the store again, she saw the parrot sitting on a cage, he suddenly said:
- You are ugly! - the parrot said.
The woman was furious, she walks inside the store and complains to the pet store owner.
And then tomorrow comes, the woman walk to the pet store one more time, she saw the parrot staring at her, she said:
- What?
The parrot replied:
- You know it!

Did you guys understand the story?
The parrot says the woman is ugly, she knows the parrot would say that the third time, but the parrot said you know it. The parrot mention that the woman knows she is ugly.