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The Sorceress of Evil - Chapter 1

Posted about about 2 months ago by antarctica13

There was a very sweet girl in the town of Ningalos. She always helped everyone and she always got her work done. She got good grades in school and she always helped people even when they didn’t ask her. As she grew up, people got jealous of her and people in the village didn’t respect her that much. She grew angry that people were not caring and listening to her. When she grew up she had a castle of ego and greed to protect her from the insults people were giving her. She studied witchcraft and she became an amazing witch. She had many potions and they could do many things to people. People thought she moved to another kingdom to get a new life but she had a secret entrance right next to the village in the jungle. She splashed one of her potions on a boulder and it moved aside to reveal her secret lab. The evil witch thought she was the best witch in the whole world and that only she can make the impossible potion for immortality. She knew that somebody had the map to the flower of immortality and she went to threaten them to give her the map.