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The Sorceress of Evil - Chapter 2

Posted about about 2 months ago by antarctica13

The Evil witch found out who owned the map to the flower of immortality. She decided to make a new evil name for herself. She would be called Nemisale. Nemisale went to the kingdom beside her village and she found the man who owned the map. She threatened him with her staff and she stole the map from him. Before she could touch the map alarms and booby traps sprang. A nearby group of guards heard the store’s alarm and rushed to the owner’s aid. Meanwhile the shop owner and the witch were fighting. The witches staff had fallen down and she couldn't do magic without her staff. Water sprayed everywhere from the alarms and it looked like the shop owner was winning the fight. The guards came in with spears and that surprised the shop owner. The witch had enough time to grab her staff. The guards saw what she was trying to do and threw their spears at her with deadly accuracy. It was too late. The witch deflected all the spears and she opened up a portal and waved her hand. The map flew into her hand just as she stepped into the portal. The guards contacted their king and they showed him a picture of the witch. The king was preparing his army to face such a powerful witch. Nemisale was now a wanted fugitive.