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The Sorceress of Evil - Chapter 3

Posted about 2 months ago by antarctica13

Nemisale had barely escaped from the guards when she tried to steal the map to be immortal. Even though she was the most powerful witch, she knew that she couldn’t take on the king’s army. Nemisale knew that no one knew her secret hideout so she knew that she was safe in her secret lab. But what she did not know is that her school time friend, Elmis, had told the guards about her hideout. Nemisale dressed as an old lady so that she would not be caught by the guards. She saw a picture of her secret cavern and she read that the guards were going to infiltrate her lab. She knew that only a person close to her could have done this. She researched and found out that her old classmate did this. She vowed to take revenge on her so she specially made an endless hole that nothing could come out of. Nemisale tricked her friend into falling in there and she was never able to get out. Then Nemisale went to her secret lab and grabbed a few important things and placed a magic camera at the side of her cave and then, she turned into a bird and flew away. Nemisale looked all over the guards to see when they would storm her house. She looked and looked and then in the evening she rested on a boulder near her lab. She took out the map to the flower of immortality and she studied it carefully. She could not make out the words on the map so she called in a day. Just about when she was going to go back to her lab, she saw many guards rushing towards her secret lab. There were at least a thousand guards and she could fight them but she knew it would drain her life energy. She turned into a bird and flew away, hoping to find a new home.