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Room Decor I LOVE #2

Posted about 7 months ago by AutumnFoxLovely

Room Decor #1
supplies :
cotton balls
step 1 : cut out long pieces of string
step 2 : tie the string to the cotton balls
step 3 : tape the string to the ceiling , so the cotton balls look as if they're floating like clouds
step 4 : fold the paper into an airplane
step 5 : tie the airplane to string
step 6 : tape the string to the roof
Room Decor #2
supplies :
bendable stick
thick string or yarn
small , pretty things that match your room
step 1 : bend the stick into a circle using half the length of the stick
step 2 : intertwine the part hanging off with the circle part
step 3 : tie three strings/yarns to the circle , all a third of the circle away
step 4 : tie the string/yarn together , making a tent-like shape when you hold the string up
step 5 : use string to tie the small things that match your room to the circle
step 6 : use the first string to hang it up
Room Decor #3
supplies :
old pillow that no-one uses
two hair bands
old shirt that doesn't fit anymore
step 1 : put the shirt on the pillow
step 2 : paint/draw a face on the pillow
step 3 : use the hair bands on the corners of the pillow
That's all for now !
bye smile !