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my baby @supr3megucci1

Posted about about 1 month ago by babygirlnay

my baby @supr3megucci1 is the most sweetest person i ever met when i was alone he was there to pick me up and he always made me feel better i love him sooooooo much for everything hes done for me. i love the way he treats me i love the way he spends his time talkin to me i love everything about him i will never ever hurt him bc he means sooooooooooooo much to me. like he's my world my baby my everything. i really love him. and i dont want to ever lose him bc if i do i will go crazy for him. i will fight for him he's my ride or die he's my forever. thats my bby and nooo one will ever take him away from me. he's everything i ever wanted in someone. he's just an amazing person that came into my life and i'm glad he did bc if he didnt i wouldnt be happy rn. he's the one who makes me happy and the one who makes me smile he's the one who makes me laugh and blush and everyday i wish i that he could be right next to me.he's always on my mind like frfr. i wouldnt trade him for nun. he's the best boyfriend tht i could ever wish for. he's means the world to me.i want us to last for a long time and im hoping we last bc i would be sad without him. he makes my world complete like frl. i think about him everyday,every night, every hour second,min of the days like i could never get him of my mind he's forever mines. like frl i will fight a girl over mines like frl. any girl try to mess wit him i will knock her tf out tho like frl dont mess with mines cause.. um i will hurt anyone that messes wit my manz. periodT!!

i love u baby never forget that!

love, your girl @babygirlnay