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for my hubby ❤️❤️

Posted about 10 days ago by baddie_4life

when we first met i swear i had sm feelins but i was afraid of telling u how much i liked u.but now i can tell u how much i love u... baby,u da only one i want nd u the only one i need baby. i promise u tht ill never leave your side. u a real one baby... i would never trade u for the wrld. u mean smm to bby. i never wanna leave even if we have our ups nd downs ima always be by your side ian ever leavin bby. your too special to me like frl. u make my life complete with out u i would be empty. everytime we text each other i be smiling nd blushing.❤️❤️.. you got the key to my heart baby. ian never letting nun happen to u. i love u more than this whole solar system. u make me the happiest gurl on earth. u make me smile nd blush. u make me feel soo special bby. no one else could make me feel the way u do. u make me feel amazing. like i couldnt ask for no one else but u. i love u bby never forget that