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my life isnt wat i wanted

Posted about 27 days ago by baddie_4life

i swear sometimes i feel empty sum times i feel alone this depression ant fa me. im srry but like i feel soo f up rn.. i think me going to school has really turn me into a depressed girl. i feel like my life is over i feel soo depressed i never felt like dis b4 why now??? i have to live with this and i dont want to i lost to much already i just wanna be happy for once. let me be happy i wanna just be happy thts all i think bout is being happy but it seems like i can never be happy im sorry but my life is f up. and i can never change tht. it hurts smm.. and no one seems to understand tht im hurting inside i might have a smile on my face but inside nothing is ever changing my depression. just let me leave earth already put me out my misire i just wish i can flip a switch and change everything .