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My Saturdays

Posted about about 1 month ago by bangkok

My Saturdays are always full of happiness and joy. My Saturdays always starts with a good start by having my fav chocolate milk. I take a bath to feel fresh. After my fresh bath I change into my comfortable clothes . Now as I am all fresh I set off to do my homework. After all of my homework with all excitement I run to my hall to call my friends to come to play down. I go down and have a lot of fun. Me and my friends play many games. Playing a lot of games me and my friends get very tired. We all go home and rest . Yummm it is lunch time like always my mom makes really good food for me. After all of the yummy food I had I run to my bedroom to sleep. The nap made me feel really fresh. I wash my face and went to read a Dork Diary book. I almost read for 1 hr .It is my dinner time I ate my food and go to watch TV. After watching TV I brush wear my pajamas and go to sleep.