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I Cowered But I Rose!

Posted about about 1 month ago by BeyondBorders

Every time I hear the whispers of shadows,
Plotting schemes about which no one knows,
When fate arrives which has been long awaited,
It never fails to make you feel so isolated,
I feel a pull here and a tug there,
When I tumble I can only witness a merciless stare,
I cower in the darkest depths of despair,
No hand to share and no sentimental prayer,
Darkness seems to be your only friend,
It slowly engulfs you and this may be your end,
You hear a call in your chest,
The heart continues to fight without rest,
Daytime epitomes the light of hope in the world,
Hope pulls me up from the Underworld,
Arms outstretched like the wings of the Bird of Paradise,
Pains and sufferings long gone and now time is suffice,
Nightmares turn to dreams and dreams turn to reality,
No more falling as a cause of deny,
I'm letting loose a loud victorious battle cry,
I cowered but I rose,
I changed the path of destiny which I chose.

Written by: BeyondBorders