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Posted about 2 months ago by bri_jordan

My brain is one weird piece of art,That is just undesirable like how im 13yrs old and I have a ring on my my ring finger like who and the tarnation is going to marry me plzzzzz....
you should be scared because I know if I was some one else look at me I would be running
now im not saying im ugly or any of the above but like for real i can take one conversation and take it to some level it did have to be real fast.BUT I like people like me can call out there flaws because who ever thinks there perfect im about to bust a real big bubble for you, your not... perfect and i can probable count as many flaws as i have fingers and toes,now dont get me wrong you probably have as many good quotients as bad flaws but i just called out one big flaw of yours and that is thinking your perfect but all im here to truly say is everyone needs amendments