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What if you were the last person on earth

Posted about about 2 months ago by bullundusi

One day you wake up and you find you are the only person on earth (kinda cool right) NO RULES-NO LIMITS-go CRAZY. You could do anything you want to fly a plane to Buckingham palace, or ran naked in the streets go wild but there's a DOWNSIDE is like your now like living in heaven and hell you could sleep anywhere you want- but buildings will start collapsing. Another thing car lovers (like me) would most likely do is DRIVE A LAMBO no matter your age (NO LIMITS )remember. But in about 2 years fuel will go down and you'll be quiet loney because you have no-one to talk to .Wild animals will surround you and eventually, you'll all die.The wild animal would eat you then they will get hungry and die .THAT IS THE END OF THE WORLD.