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Hey. You've got this.

Posted about 4 months ago by Cassiopeia_Nebula

To anyone who's going through a tough time- You've got this.
To anyone who's scared- That's okay, Every thing will be okay in the end.
To anyone who's struggling- Keep your head up Darling, It may not seem like it but it gets better.
To anyone who feels alone- I'm here, you don't know me and I may not know you but *please* feel free to talk to me. I'll be here no matter how bad it seems to you.
To anyone who's panicking or nervous- Deep breaths Darling, (In for, 1...2..3.. out for 1...2...3). It'll be okay soon. This doesn't last forever.
To anyone who feels unheard- Raise your voice, I know it might seem scary but I promise it feels better out..
To anyone who's lacking confidence- Chin up Darling. Look in the mirror, You're looking at the most beautifully person out there. You may not see it but I promise you so many people do.
To the person who wants to take a stand- Do it. Change something. Stand up for what you believe, you'll always have someone to have your back.
To anyone and everyone- You're not alone. You're beautiful. You can do it. Just hang in there, It'll be worth it in the end.

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