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Posted about about 1 month ago by CherryBlossomBeauty

When I first met you, I thought you were the nicest guy ever. You made me laugh smile and blush. Blush a lot. I started falling for you right when I met you. The more and more we talked the more and more in love I would become. I then saw ur photo and was simping hardddd ngl. I officially fell for you. Then I found out you liked me. It made me feel special. I was going threw so much, it was like u were an angel sent to me from god to make me better. I stopped crying myself to sleep because of you. I started to gain confidence and even when I was sad I fought the voices and managed to smile knowing I’d get to talk to you later on. Your the reason why I was able to keep fighting, why I’m still able to keep fighting. You are the sweetest most amazing guy I’ve ever met. The moment you asked me to be your girlfriend all I could do was say yes. I love you so much. You are my world and my happiness. I never want this to end. Love you Ace. @Mystery_dude89. You have my heart❤️ This a bit cringey. But idc.

Xoxo, Sakura.