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Climate Reality

Posted about 10 months ago by comali672

My activity is for all people to change to using greener, more renewable sources of energy like solar energy and to change to greener products like LED lamps to save the Earth.

Climate change results in new weather patterns that last for at least a few decades up to millions of years.
The climate system comprises five interacting parts:
Atmosphere (air),
Hydrosphere (water),
Biosphere (living things) and
Lithosphere (earth's crust and upper mantle).
We all occupy space. Combine it with your room, voila, more space. Roll it together with your house, where you get your food, where you get your petroleum and where you dump your garbage. You see, the things you buy, use and eventually throw away has to come from somewhere and go somewhere. Living large is not exactly your fault. You were born into a world which your parents and their parents before them have created for you.
To power our lives, we are going to need a ton of energy and that energy comes from fossil fuels which are:
natural gases.
Burning fossil fuels is what is making our planet’s temperature to rise abruptly.
Coal, oil and natural gas are called fossil fuels because they were actually alive long ago. 300,000,000 years ago, when trees died they passed on together with the carbon in them. The logs go underground and rot. After going through constant heating, it becomes coal. The same thing happens in the ocean but, with plankton. The plankton go through the same process and produces oil and pockets of gas called natural gas. About 80 percent of all the energy we use comes from, yup, fossil fuels.
〖CO〗_2, or carbon dioxide, comprises of a carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. When we burn carbon, we burn sugar made of carbon in our bodies and producing 〖CO〗_2. When you dig up the fossil fuels, and add oxygen to it and there goes the 〖CO〗_2. And that is where our search to understand climate change takes us next…
The atmosphere is of 99 percent oxygen and nitrogen. 1 percent is made of greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, water vapour, methane and many more. The greenhouse gases are what keeps the Earth from becoming a frozen wasteland.
Why do the greenhouse gases play an important roll? How do they give our planet a warm blanket?
As the Sun sends heat to the Earth, heat is released from the Earth’s surface and tries to escape but the greenhouse gases absorb it and send some of it back to Earth. This is called the Greenhouse Effect. But for us to continue living over here the amount of greenhouse gases number must not go through the roof.
When more fossil fuels get burnt, we get more 〖CO〗_2. The more the 〖CO〗_2, the higher the rate of the Greenhouse Effect. 〖CO〗_2 levels have never gone above 300 ppm (parts per million) for the past 800,000 years but now 〖CO〗_2 is at 400 ppm. The more the 〖CO〗_2, the warmer the planet. Also the weather becomes extreme. Dry places get dryer. Wet places get wetter. Oceans expand and melting glaciers makes sea levels rise.
All people can participate by changing the main source of energy for their respective homes such as changing their electricity supply to be coming from wind farms, hydro dams and solar farms. People can start using electrical cars, buses and trains instead of transportation powered by fossil fuels. We can also start using LED bulbs instead of old-fashioned bulbs.
So, will we choose to take on climate change? For years it looked like the answer was no. Everyone was arguing whether it was real or not or what we could do. But then recently, many citizens of different countries joined together and voiced out. Then, finally in 2015, almost 200 countries signed the Paris Climate Accord. We cannot sit back and wait for our leaders to solve our problems, we must do it. You know as they say, “When the people lead, the leaders will follow.”
It usually starts with a lot of people awakening to the truth of what is going on around them. Next, those people do something to show that they care. In the next few years that movement will move the world…
Earth will continue to get blisteringly hot until most life dies out. The survivors will be faced with cold as Earth plunges into an Ice Age.
Scientists have discovered about Earth’s climate past. We did go through a medieval warming period in the 1100s after which was followed by a Little Ice Age. Scientists say that we might end up in a Medium Ice Age or maybe a Large Ice Age but if we continue to increase our 〖CO〗_2 emission, we will end up in a XXXL Ice Age.