Posted about 4 months ago by dark_gamer12

So, I wanna explain something, cuz people keep asking “what’s wrong” and I’m fed up of saying I’m fine tbh. In other words, a lot is wrong. There’s the mental illness called anorexia in which the person starts to do things to cause themselves to become skinner, things like starving themselves, doing excessive exercise, taking medication to make themselves slim etc. And, people who are/ have been close to me know that i have this and... it freakin sucks.. I’ve been super insecure about my weight and looks since as long as I can remember and... even though I’m fully aware that I could die from this, I’m still stupid enough to continue. It’s basically like a little voice in the back of your mind judging everything you do and it just doesn’t stop. And I hate myself for lying to people and saying I’ve eaten and stuff because I haven’t or I’ve barely eaten anything, I’ve been looking at calories too whenever I’ve tried eating. it’s annoying me because I haven’t told some of my closest friends cuz I’m scared to but I felt I had to write this cuz people keep asking what’s wrong and stuff. I thought this would be the best way to tell people instead of constantly telling people every time. I don’t know if people will actually read this, or care as a matter of fact, but whatever. If I’m offline for a while, it’s because of my anorexia and depression and stuff. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve actually been honest like this and told people and I’m terrified to post this but I guess I need to do it... I’m just never gonna be happy with my body... sorry for wasting your time and have a good day Frustrated