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ASK Italian Restaurant Review

Posted about about 1 month ago by Darth_Maul10

Ask Italian food blog
On Wednesday the 19th February 2020 I went for a day in Worcester and I went to Ask Italian restaurant just outside Worcester Cathedral, so this is my review.
When I came in, I had a nice lovely welcome by all the lovely staff and luckily enough there is a waiting corner and the waiting was excellent.
When I came to sit down I had a lovely menu in front of me and their was a big lovely choice, and as they estimated the size of the child’s menu I thought it was to small so I decided to have something from the adults menu.
From the menu I ordered a nice pasta dish with mushroom and salad. My grandmother and grandfather who was also with me, both ordered risottos. We also ordered water along with it and the hygiene in the restaurant was great and clean. I also like the way they get a nice Italian chef to help make the pizza.
When I was about to eat my meal, I noticed a nice selection of wines. When I ate my food, I liked it, it was the perfect size for a 10-year-old It was a nice dish some pasta with salad and mushroom.
Along with that my grandmothers and grandfathers dish risotto was nice according to them but the only disappointing thing is they served it on a cold plate when in other good restaurants or in master chef they serve it on a warm plate but except from that everything was good and scrumptious.
The toilet was great, perfect and it looked quite clean I rate it 10 out of 10 stars.
When I came out the toilet it was time for the payment which was as expected after that we went to explore more of Worcester. So I would recommend Ask Italian just outside Worcester Cathedral and it’s a nice place to go as a family and I rate it 10 and a half out of 10 stars it is really good.