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Ma dog beau (once again)

Posted about about 2 months ago by DiamondDog

My dog beau has had some funny moments. In the blog I’m going to explain the NOT SO FUNNY ones. I was taking beau on a little walk around the neighborhood and he was just standing in our neighbors yard when they were coming back, they opened the door and their dog, bow, ran out the door, and jumped on Beau. I dropped the leash in shock and backed up against my moms car and then bow and beau started fighting. Idekw! (I don’t even know why) and then my mom came out to see what in the world was going on, I was sitting the car holding our other dog, morphie. Then the neighbors broke up the fight with a big Walmart box. That’s not the end either! A few days later bow dug into our backyard and waited on the porch for beau. Beau whined at the door so I let him out, then what do I see? Bow. Beau jumped on him and pushed him down and then they ran into the backyard.. luckily my dad came out there and broke them up. Those neighbors moved to savannah and took bow with them. Thank goodness for that