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jun 4, 2020

Posted about 2 months ago by dora_me

did not do too much.

a lot of online activities.. listen some of my youtube things - comedians home creating shows with a bee having opinions about news! - and chatted with few people.

also chatted here with someone that I guess I saw some other chat... even when i was telling him I am blonde with blue eyes he insisted with me to chat about Romanian clichee gypsy racist things. I guess he is not 10 as he pretend, because I saw his canadian things on other chat where he had other age. but it was fun to find out same persons here too... why are ppl racist without no reason I dont understand it.

I ate some cereals and chatted with a genius some other sites. and now I have to go to eat lunch and prepare myself for a guest.

maybe after him I will talk on balcony with my neighbour friend. she likes gossips. or we both will go out... and use bicycle in Herastrau park. hope not very crowded.

end of post for today. wait for my stories tomorrow. sorry for a boring one today. Ha ha ha