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6 June, 2020

Posted about 2 months ago by dora_me

do u think onion suffer when u cut it?

ppl like life to be black and white. I know it would be more easy to be like that... but my dad taught me it would never be. it might be not my fault.

I chatted with someone on pidgin and send me some link... my mother knocked my door when I was watching the video. I switched windows and told her that there is a spider in room... when she asked about why am I so nervous. cuz there was really a spider in my room. ha ha ha

I will go out with my friends ridding bicycles.... for a while. it is fun to feel wind in speed. even I am not a great of running fast on bicycle. ha ha ha

but ppl on chat i use to stay want always things to be black and white. someone told me to tell me mom the secret. yeah, it would be easy but I cant!