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Dork Diaries by Rachel Renée Russell

Posted about 3 months ago by Dorkygirl101

Hi everyone! in my last blog I didn't mention what blog I was gonna do today but as you can understand with the title I will be telling more about DORK DIARIES.
The series of books are about a girl named Nikki (or Nicole)Maxwell's life in a high school and her life with her mom, dad and bratty sister Briana. She also has to deal with Makenzie Hollister, A lip gloss adiccted, spoilt head CCP (Cool, Cute and Popular) also calls Nikki a dork and always tries to wreck Nikki's life apart.
It is a nice book with HUNDREDS of ups and downs And gives you tips for few of your own problems.

On my next blog I'll be posting something different if you can guess please write them down in the comment and if you want the official Dork Diaries site type"Dork Diaries".

Hope you'll read all of the books!