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Types of Racism.

Posted about 8 days ago by dorkyqueen

Hey guys i am back. Now i am going to be talking about types of racism:

Subtle Racism
Subtle racism, or racial microaggressions, doesn’t make the headlines that, say, reverse racism does, but it’s likely the form of discrimination that people of color most often experience.
Victims of subtle, or covert, racism may find themselves snubbed by wait staff in restaurants or salespeople in stores who believe that people of color aren’t likely to be good tippers or able to afford anything expensive. Oprah Winfrey has described this happening to her during a shopping experience outside the U.S. So anyone can face subtle racism even Oprah Winfrey.

Then we go to Internalized Racism:In this form of racism, people of color internalize the negative messages spread about minorities and come to loathe themselves for being "different." They may hate their skin color, hair texture, and other physical features. They may intentionally marry interracially so their children won’t have the same ethnic traits that they do.

They may simply suffer from low self-esteem because of their race, such as performing poorly in school or in the workplace because they believe their racial background makes them inferior.

then the last three are:
Scientific Racism: “Some races are biologically inferior and should therefore be treated differently.”
Cultural Racism: “Some races are culturally inferior and should therefore be made to adapt to the superior culture.”
Institutional Racism: “Some institutions have bad incentives that attract scientific and cultural racists and enable them to act on their racism without fear of bad consequences.”

But generally all types of racism are bad. So if you are practicing any of these then you should stop nd try to change.

Thank you get ready for my next post