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things to do when bored

Posted about about 2 months ago by Dragoces

Hello peeps!!
I know that we don't need a lock down to get bored we can bored at home easily during the weekends, at some holiday, even at a normal day or maybe if your our like me then you have no hobby whatsoever and use computer 24/7 and always always search google for things to do when bored i am not gonna lie i did that i billion gazillion times on my own and it can get pretty boring to here are a few things that u can do when your bored or if u need a hobby.
1. Gardening
I know i know that u have read this hobby everywhere but i am not gonna lie when u put effort into gardening even, when u grow an onion it tastes delicious you just need to make sure that you do a few things everyday and here i made a checklist for you guys i know i know i am the best thank you a lot everyone
Ensure that your plant is getting sunlight: giving it a good amount of sunlight will help it to grow freshly
Water them everyday : try doing it twice a day, it is also okay to do it once
Try to use good soil: good soil also contributes a lot in makes a plant healthy try to put some fertilizers into it as well if not the expensive one then u can also put egg shells like i mean the plant only wants the nutrients and the egg shell will give it the nutrients
You breathing into it so you can give it carbon dioxide just kidding don't do that it will just get the carbon dioxide from the surrounding plants aren't like me
Another thing that you can do is
2.Working out/ Exercising
It helps keeping you fit and i am explaining the obvious to you guys i am sorry about that but it will keep you busy for 15 to 20 mins everyday it will also make you more active less should give it a go it can also be fun especially if u try to use your imagination with it as in you can make it into a game the Olympics final 2020 and you only need to do 5 sit stands to win the Olympics anyways here is a list of few workouts
Sit ups: do about 15 of those it will help your leg muscles a lot they will be very grateful to you. They will also increase your flexibility and would greatly improve your posture.
Squats: squads will help you in a lot of ways they will reduce your risk of injury, Boost your athletic abilities and will also like sit ups make your muscles strong it also improves your digestive system and builds glutes
Jumping jacks: this is an exercise for your whole body its tones the muscles helps in losing weight improves mobility and also actually besides its benefits it is quite fun to do
High knees: it engages your core, strengthens all the muscles in your legs, gets your heart rate up and improves momentum, coordination and flexibility. Because of the many physical benefits, high-knees are incorporated into a wide variety of workouts also i would like to call it jogging cause i think they are almost the same
And after i gave you four options with their benefits and you would still like to try so more exercise then go for it you can search the google cause google is your canvas and your the painter. P.S i got no clue what i just said but it sounded nice in my head so i wrote it
This is a good activity it kills time like nothing more.It is easy, fun to do, time consuming and you will have a piece of art at your home made by you.You can do it in various forms you can do it as
Abstract: All you need are some paints, something to spread it with and a piece of white paper. It is simple and easy all you gotta do is put paint on your canvas or paper and spread it you can make it bright and colorful or you can make it dull you can make it pastel it depends on you and only you (such an inspiring line don't you think)
Collage:Things that you need are any kind of paper ( newspaper, color paper it depends on you), glue, a blank piece of paper and a black marker. This now this is the definition of easy all you need to do is cut a newspaper or color paper actually any paper of your choice and cut it into small pieces then on a blank piece of paper draw a drawing you want, after that use the glue and stick the pap
per pieces into those draws as you want. It is easy, time consuming and you can have have a cute decoration if you want you can also get a little complicated
You know what i will just mention the channel of the amazing you tuber who is inspiring me to do arts even tho I am not a big fan of art like students hate P.E i hate arts but thanks to her i kind of envoy it. Moriah Elizabeth is her channel's name and art is her game.
Hope you guys try it and i will write new things to do in the next blog
Bye Bye teenagers around the world. Hope you wont be bored after reading this. I will return with more lame jokes next Sunday