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Posted about 9 months ago by Drreamygirl1

this blog is about the weird side of me so if i am in ur best friends list oh please dont read this. first i sweat like a lot not like full body my feet gets sweaty like in a second or something and that is why my feet gets muddy bcz all of that sweaty and i dont wear shoes in the house so that means i dont play in mud . now the second thing i am super sensitive . once i took a quiz about how sensitive i am so the results were i am a HSP that stands for Highly Sensitive Person and guess what that made me even more sensitive. before that test i was not afraid of bugs but now i am afraid of all kinds of bugs i mean if i would see a bug i would scream and everyone will look at me and think i am a scaredy cat (i dont know if i said that right but that is you say right scaredy cat right) but actually i cant handle like a of pressure like if u would say me drink a cup of milk kindly or nicely i would say no or something like that and that conversation will end there but if you force me to do something or just say something rudely i would cry . and an other thing i get guilty super quick like if i am playing a game and i would miss a bonus star or i will carry that guilt for several days or if u are staying with me and u dont like something about the place or situation i will think u dont like me or i kicked u while i was sleeping or upset u i will guilty and after some days that guilt will fly away until i will see u again and then i would continue carrying guilt .( if i misspelled some thing please tell me forgot to write some thing please tell me because i have a forgetting problem i can still remember those days when i would eat something and then say where did the thing go i did not ate it yet and then my mom would have to remind me that i ate it already .I like to call this problem short time memory loss ....

written by;
Fatima - tul - Zahra
i dont know why i wrote my name in the end but i just felt like writing .