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My family

Posted about 4 months ago by Drreamygirl1

Hi so today i am going to write about my family . In my family there are 6 people . And i am the youngest one i really wish that i had a lil sister but I don't have . But when i look at my friends who have lil sister or brother they just treat their little siblings so badly and i just say that they
are being ungrateful for that . Anyways back to my family people :
1.My Father
I know i have already written a blog about my father but i just want to let you guys know that my father is my favourite parent.
2.My mother
My mother is sweet when her mood is nice but when she comes back from a place or travels to my grandma's house she comes back tired and when she is tired her mood is not nice and then she will kill you if cry in front of her. But i still love her though.
3.My sister a.k.a Huma baji
Huma baji is the oldest in our siblings . She is married and has a daughter . Her daughter's name is Arooba . I love arooba very much . I love my sister too.
4.My brother a.k.a Saadi bhai
Saadi bhai is younger that Huma baji and is our only brother . He is still unmarried . He is like my mother . He is nice when his mood is nice but not so nice (angry) when his mood is not nice . He kinda used to throw me when he would get angry but now i am older he doesn't pick me up anymore .
4. To be continued
I am tired now i will make a part when i am feeling not so lazy goodbye for now . I will see you again next time. Byeeee