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Posted about 2 months ago by Drreamygirl1

Hi everyone! I haven't written any blogs or articles in a long time and i know there is not like any demand or stuff . I don't have any fans saying "write more blogs!" Or " I loved the blogs keep writing smile ". But guess what i don't write for fame i write because its like a passion i think . It's actually more like a random thoughts in my head that i wanted to share . And the reason , i didn't post a blog is because i am lazy , i have like a million ideas but when i sit to write , i write the title and i forget what to write . But this topic is kinda special i guess because i really wanna share my thoughts on this.

Its not really that important so you can skip reading this.

Main thing:
People compare life with a lot of things like a book or a car and more. But i (bored because of qurantine ) think that life is a tree with all kinds of fruits . The fruits represent people . And when people die young it is God picking them from the tree . And when they die old it is because ripe and it falls off the tree by itself . God takes the young but the sweet one that every fruit loves and when God takes it away all the other fruits miss it . I really miss my sister she was everyone's favourite most importantly she was my favourite i miss her .

Yes this blog is dedicated to my sister who i got the idea from . Thanks for reading goodbye. Have a great day , year , life. (°^°) ♡