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Desi people and their sandals

Posted about 20 days ago by Drreamygirl1

Hi readers!
So first of all let me tell u i am desi /asian and please don't get offended by this blog please.So let's get started!
So i just chilling watching videos and this thought came to my mind 'isn't beating ur child with a sandal or a hanger child abuse? ". Maybe i am wrong or maybe not cuz how people tell that their desi /asian parents beat em up with a sandal is hilarious (on YouTube etc) . Well for me violence has never been funny not even in cartoons . Tbh tom and jerry are kinda frustrating for how the mouse is mischievous and hard to its probably my problem but still and games like candy crush are also frustrating. So basically things that puzzle my mind are frustrating for me . That's all i guess i know what a wierd wy to end this blog but my brain just stops working for a minute or two and i just wanna end this already cuz i don't know what to write anymore.
Thanks for reading . Have a nice everday. Good bye. smile (/♡~♡)/ ☆♡◇*
(Giving love to readers)

Oh And stay safe and wash your hands and also drink lots of water!♡