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Posted about about 1 month ago by ELENA101

Dear Diary,
Mom dropped me off at kylie's house for the sleepover(she doesn't know about what happened with me and tristan. Yet!)
I greeted Kylie's mom and ran upstairs to her room and sat down on her bed. I came late and everyone was waiting
Kylie : Hey Elena, what took you so long?)
I just grumble and stare at the floor
Phoebe : why the long face?)
i didn't reply.
Chloe : Ok guys let's start the fun!)
Phoebe : pedicure anyone)
Everyone raises their hand except me of course
I mean what type of person would go out with those things on their nails (i'm a jock so i don't do pedicure, or whatever they call them)
After like what seemed like forever to do those nails,they finally finished and Kylie said
Kylie : let's play truth or dare)
"yeah" everyone says in chorus, except me
Chloe : UGH! What's wrong with u today!!!)
she says angrily
Kylie : Chloe!, u don't have to be mad because she isn't talking)
Phoebe : Yeah, anyway what wrong Elena?)
My face turn deep red and i look away at the floor
Kylie : We are your friends, you can tell us embarrassing or not!)
I kept quiet and didn't say a word
Then Chloe grins. She is sort of a jock too but she does not act like one
Chloe : Elena truth or dare!)
I didn't speak. i was definitely not in the mood for that
Phoebe : Chloe! Are u serious?! Can't u see she is having a bad time here?!)
Chloe : Hey, i was only trying to help!)
They did some more activities while i watch them. It cheered me up a bit too
Kylie's mom : Girls time for bed!)
We got into our pj's and set our sleeping bags on the floor
Phoebe : hey let's tell spooky stories!)
Kylie get's up and switches off the light
Chloe : i go first! Once upon a time in a far away land of darkness, were...................)
I started to think again as she was telling her not-so-spooky-story.
Tristan likes me? Tristan likes me. TRISTAN LIKES ME?!
WHY?! How did this happen? What are u going to do Elena?
Kylie : How about u Elena? Your spooky stories are the best! they totally scare the nerves out of us!)
she says as she brings me to reality,I look down at the floor again.
Kylie : I guess that's a no, huh?)
I stay quiet
Kylie's mom : Girls! It's 10:00!)
My friends giggle as they head for the bathroom to brush their teeth while i just tag along still thinking : Tristan likes me?
After we are done we snuggle into our sleeping bags
Chloe: So what are u guys wearing for halloween?)
I don't know but for some reason i just started spilling it out
I blurted out
They all stared at me blankly since it was they first thing I've said all night.
Chloe : Since when?)
And then i burst into tears
Kylie : whoa, whoa, Elena calm down!)
Phoebe : Yeah there is no need to cry, tell us what happened.)
Then I started talking with an angry tone while tears roll down my cheeks
Me : You see we always go to his house together after soccer practice right?)
Chloe : yeah?)
Me : So today we had soccer practice and we had to go to my house for a change because of the sleepover. So when we reached he was like :what are are u going to wear for Halloween and i was like : I'm going to wear a witch's costume and then he changed the subject and said in this weird tone, u know the tone he uses when he is nervous and he was like : You know the halloween dance is coming and then i cut him off and tell him i wasn't going and he was like : why? and i was like : what's the point of going? and his was like : i wanted to ask u to go with me but........ then his voice trailed off and then......)
I stopped talking
Chloe : What! AND THEN WHAT?!!!)
Phoebe and Kylie : CHLOE!)
Kylie : And what happe-)
I say as i put the pillow on my head and cried some more
My friends : HE WHAT!?)
Kylie looked like she would cry too because she has a huge crush on him (in fact everyone i know has a crush on him, they say he is super cute or whatever but i don't see it)
I say in tears, while i wipe my mouth with my sleeve for about the hundredth time all night.