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What I'm gonna do

Posted about about 1 month ago by Elsa00

So like yeahh i woke up at 8:50 ig it's late for me lol. Well i watched sum tv. Then i had my breakfast and I'm just listening to melanie martinez songs on repeat (even while typing this lol). I don't feel like doing anything rn. I'll make a healthy routine like i had before quarantine and imma like do all my pending homework and stuff. Later Imma watch a horror movie or maybe sum old show or movie (i luv old shows that's why). I also have to do shopping for winters. I'm making like a pride flag crafts. My family's homophobic so I can't buy a pride flag. I'm also gonna start learning how to play guitar like i used to go to guitar classes but i dropped cuz of exams so imma learn it. Yeahh that's it that's all i had to say for today. Also imma start writing blogs like regularly or maybe like once a week idk I'll see. Thank u for reading this and i hope u have a good day luv y'all