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My fourth of July

Posted about 28 days ago by Epicfrizz

My fourth was okay... well um different. I know everyone's fourth is different, I mean you probably go to a parade or park to watch fireworks that you couldn't, or even have a cookout with your friends or relatives. Now you see, you would think a global pandemic would stop a family full of boriquas (Puerto Ricans) from throwing a "get together, not a party" your dead wrong. I wouldn't mind any of it honestly, if not for
1. Thanks to a monthly visitor I couldn't get in the pool
2. Non of my cousins that came were the ones my age (that being 2 and the rest adults)
3. We cAnnot UsE FIREWORKS in THE WHOLE state.
Did I forget to mention fireworks are illegal in my state? Although that didn't stop people from driving to Connecticut and getting some (like us years ago) .