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Greetings! I'm new!

Posted about over 2 years ago by Eri-Prime

Hey fellas,
I'm new.
My name's Eri and I'm a 12 year old. In a geek who loves doctor who and Sherlock. I love in UK and have a bunch of awesome pets! Redbeard the dog, Spike the Rabbit, Xavier the hamster and Taggert the other hamster. We also have Theta and Sigma, our birds. Can't forget our Mice though! Neo and Trinity.
I love animals and movies.
Call me the tomboy of my family, yet the Daring Dater. I've had six boyfriends. :3 but currently single.
I've got an annoyin lil sis, Ari and a big ol bro, Darryl.

Oh well, till next time!

Eri is off!