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Teenage Drama Part 3: The Kiss

Posted about 8 days ago by fnflw123

The next day at school, I couldn't help but think about the time I was In Jace's house. "You need to get out of your head Liv." Lizzy was reading my thoughts, as usual. "lIV, If a guy even walked up to me, I would melt." she said. I sighed. "I was so scared, Lizzy. " Lizzy looked at me and smiled. "So, what did he do to you?" She had a playful grin "Ugh! You know he did nothing" She loved teasing me. Jace walked up to the cafeteria table Lizzy and I were sitting on. " Goodness! this french fry is soggy! I'll GO DEMAND FOR A NEW ONE" She saw Jace coming before me and decided it was now she wanted to change her 'soggy fry'-_- "Hey, Liv!" He took a seat beside me."Hey, Jace!" I wasn't in the mood for a conversation with my crush. Not now! I had a headache, tests and a therapist appointment for my panic attacks. "I wanted to make sure you were alright after..well, you know." He looked cheerful. I forced a smile. I liked him but didn't have the strength to talk to him. Not now. " yep! I'm great!" I lied. "So are you free Saturday night," he asked. I was. "Yes, I am" I had butterflies in my stomach. Was he going to ask me out? No, maybe he wanted help with his homework. He bit his lip. "I was wondering if you would like to go watch a movie with me" I pinched myself. "Like a date?" I asked. "Y-Yes. you could call it that" "Sure! I would love to!" I blurted. "Cool, I'll pick you up by seven" "Yep! Seven sounds great!" I responded. "Cool, bye," "Bye". I could faint on the spot. Then it hit me. I had to ask my mom. I was only thirteen. Would she allow me? "How was your talk?" I looked up to see Lizzy walking towards me. "How was your fry" I muttered sarcastically. "What did he say?" She looked concerned. "He asked me out" "Wonderful! Why aren't you happy?" "I don't know if my mom would allow." I looked troubled. "Then ask her. you're thirteen now. You should be allowed." "You see, Lizzy, my age is exactly the problem. Dude, our families are Christians, and so are we. Where I come from, you can't go out until you're ready to be married. In your twenties! Seriously! I'll try though." I said sadly. I got home and complimented my mom. "What do you want?" She asked, cutting me short as I was gushing over her haird0. "Ok, There's this guy. He asked me out and I need your permission" I said a bit worried. "How old are you Liv?" "Thirteen" I replied. "I'm sorry to say this but" She turned and looked at me. "As long as you promise me there will be no sinful things, my answer is yes" She was wearing her mischievous smile. "Omg! Thanks, mom!" I hugged her and went to my room to call Lizzy and. tell her the news. Saturday came and Jace came to pick me up in his BMW Jeep. I stared at it in awe. "Hey, Liv! you look great!" "Thanks! Your car doesn't look bad either!" We laughed. The movie was awesome and I didn't enjoy the racism part. As that scene came in, Jace whispered in my ear that people like me shouldn't be judged. I blushed. I was African-American. Proudly black. I still had 40 minutes until my curfew and Jace suggested we watch the sunset on his balcony. We walked into his house and were treated by his mom. "Hello, Jace, who's this? Your girlfriend?" "Mom! Do you mind!" His mom raised her arms in defence. "Don't crucify me for wanting to know my soon to be daughter-in-law" She chuckled. I blushed. Jace led me to the balcony and it was really spacious. I took a seat beside him and he made me laugh throughout. "You know, Liv, you're a smart, pretty and fun girl." Butterflies kicked in. He leaned closer and kissed me. I was in shock. "Sorry, I have to go," I muttered as I stumbled out of the balcony. I rushed downstairs. Jace's mother was still there. "Hey! What happened? Jace! what did you do" Before I could hear a reply, I was gone. I went home pale. "How was the date, honey?" "Great, Love you, mom, bye." I slumped on my bed. I was done........Part 4 coming soon.