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Teenage Dram Part 7: Hurt feelings

Posted about about 1 month ago by fnflw123

From Jace's point of view.........

Jace clenched his fist. He was about to go ask Liv to be his girlfriend when he saw Chris kiss her. It was over. He dumped the flowers he had got her and walked home, defeated. The next day at school, Jace saw Chris and Liv laughing and talking together. He gritted his teeth.

From Liv's Point of view.........

"Chris is so funny!" I thought as my body ached with laughter. I saw Jace. Our eyes met and he looked away. Weird. Chris walked me to my class and I waved at him. I sat beside Jace as usual. "Hey Jace! How was your weekend!" I smiled. "Great," He mumbled. I was suprised by his behavior. "Did you get the part you auditioned for?" Jace had lost his audition so he auditioned for another role. "Um..Can we concentrate please?" I was shocked. "Jace? Is everything o-" He cut me short my standing up and walking out of class. What did I do?

From Jace's Point of view......
"She shouldn't bother trying to talk to me." Jace thought. He saw Chris and wanted to punch something. Maybe his face. No, That would get him expelled. Ugh. Maybe he should talk to Liv. You shouldn't blame her. It's Mr. Perfect to be blamed.

From Liv's point of view.......

"I'm going to talk to him." I was confounding in Lizzy and I decided to confront Jace. "What if he thinks I'm ugly?" I turned to Lizzy. She choked on her fry. "Liv! Are you hearing yourself! You better get your but out of here and talk to the guy of your dreams." I was scared. Lizzy looked like she was going to slap me. As she reached to pat my shoulder, I screamed. "Please! I'll go!" She was going to slap me . "Calm down! I was just going to pat your shoulder. Jeez!-_-" I calmed down. "I just remembered! I like both Chris and Jace and both have kissed me." Lizzy choked. "when did Chris kiss you?!" I decided to watch what I said. I didn't want my bestie to die from shock. I was hunting down Chris and was able to find him on the way home. School was over and I thought it was perfect timing. "Hey Jace!" I could have sworn I heard Jace swear under his breath. "This is not a good time.' I was angry. "So, when will it be a good time? Heaven?" he growled. "I thought you liked me Jace!" He turned around. "Yeah! I thought you liked me!"
"What are you talking about? Of course I like you!"
"That's not what I saw yesterday." The color drained from my face. "You saw us." I got a huge lump. "Why didn't you tell me Liv." I was angry. "Why should I tell you." He looked taken aback. "Sorry, that came out wrong," I apologized. He sighed. "Tell me now Liv. Who do you like? Me or Chris?" He wanted me to choose? "I-I Like both of you. I just can't-" He raised his arm. "Forget it. You can have Chris. Enjoy your kiss on stage. I'm done" What was I to do? 'Jace..I.." I stopped. He walked away. I didn't cry. I was going to move on. I was going to go be with Chris. I didn't need Jace. As Liv was talking with Jace, what she didn't know was that Chris was a player. He was flirting with a cheerleader. Things were about to get ugly....... Part 8 coming Tomorrow.