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How I made my brother mad at me for an entire day

Posted about 2 months ago by Gamergirl134

So,I am the my parents oldest daughter but the 4th youngest child in my house I tend to be the most annoying in their opioion but my brother that is 19 couldn't figure out the toaster all you had to do was push the handle down I decided to be mean and tell him to say "Hey Alexa turn the toaster on" he tried it a lot of times that day till he figured out I was being mean I got pranked that night I went to go to the kitchen to get food my brother put the rubber food in the fridge to get me to trick me but I beat him at it he thought i would eat something with caramel lookin treat I can't eat caramel so he lost that one I love prank wars with my brothers even though some are dumb or torture.