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My life story

Posted about about 2 months ago by gothicvampire4

Hi! My name is heather but most people just call me by my nickname Kitty-Kat. I was born in Pennsylvania. I used to be a cheerleader when I moved there. I miss all of the fun sights and the field days there. We moved to Florida when I was just 8 years old. I was still in 3rd grade by the time we moved here to Florida. I like Florida but then again I don't because it's way too hot here. I miss the cold weather of Pennsylvania. I miss the snow every winter. It never snows in Florida. I miss being able to throw snowballs at people and bury my family in the snow. My family and I have moved so much throughout my lifetime so far that I had to constantly leave my friends behind all the time. I love cats. My mom says that i'm a cat whisperer just because i'm very good with cats and that I can sometimes understand them and I talk to them too. I collect stuffed animals. My dad left my mom with me and my other siblings when I was only 5 years old. My father, when he left us when I was just 5 he didn't come back till my 13th birthday but when he did I was so happy to see him. Then after my birthday party he got arrested with 2 life sentences and now I will never see him again. Sadly for my dad he is going to miss out on me and my lil bro and lil sis and baby sis growing up. I miss my dad a lot but he is out of my life for good. When i'm 18 I plan on moving out of my moms house and moving back to Pennsylvania but if I can't do that then I will just live with a friend of mine until I can learn to drive and have the money for gas to get to Pennsylvania. If and when I do move to Pennsylvania I will live with either my grandparents, my uncle J, my uncle Matt, or the pastor that I grew up going to his church. Ik that only 3 of those 4 people mentioned above will gladly take me into their house. I will live with whoever I can in Pennsylvania till I can afford my own house. I will also try and join the military so that way they will help me pay for my house and pay for my college and get me a dorm room too. I have wanted to be in the military since as long as I can remember. I have been around military people all my life. My dad was in the navy, my best friend who is almost like a older brother to me because we grew up together is in the military right now, my moms dad and her step mom were in the military too and my cousin was in JROTC training to be in the military. So yeah I have been around it all my life and they all inspired me to join. I love to type and write. I love to sing. One day when I get older I hope to be a professional singer and that is why I keep taking chorus classes. I have been in chorus for almost 5 years now. I am a second soprano which means that I can sing the second highest notes there are. I am very friendly. I tend to make friends everywhere I go regardless of my past. Not everyone are my friends though, I still have some enemies but I think that they're just jealous of me getting all the attention and friends to be honest. I am part of the LGBTQ. I am bisexual and proud of it. I could care less what others think of me because all that matters is what I think of myself. I believe in second chances but not thirds. If you ask me for a third chance then you know you have really screwed up by then. I know that everyone was created equal so we should all be treated equal too. I love to listen to music. Music is my life. I listen to all types of music. I mainly like Melanie Martinez though. My favorite song by Melanie Martinez is "Dollhouse". I am very talkative and very clingy. I have my certain reasons for being clingy though. Most people just act clingy to get attention but not me, I do it because i'm tired of losing the people that I love and care about. Look, I have been through a lot of crap in my life but that doesn't stop me or keep me from being who I am or becoming successful so therefore it shouldn't stop anyone else. Everyone has their own issues that they all go through each and every day of their lives but that shouldn't define you or who you are as a person. One day I hope to make the world a better place and help those in need of support and a shoulder to cry on. I hope to one day create my own business where I can help out those who need it most. I will be the best me that I can be and that is a promise to everyone there is out there in the world. I am Heather Cooper aka Kitty-Kat and this is my story.