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My new neighbor....

Posted about about 2 months ago by Happy202

So, I live in Alaska on an Army base, so people tend to move in and out. Well, my old neighbors moved out about a month ago, and today I just found out someones already living there. So, after I had my Popeye's, (this is before I figured out someone new lived next door) I grabbed my sled and put on my snow gear and went outside. I went to the little sled hill my sisters and I made and started sledding. Now, I thought I was alone but as I was walking back up some guy is like, "Is that fun?" and I was thinking, "I hope he's not talking to me!" But then he said it again, and I looked at him. "What?" I asked even though I heard him perfectly. He repeated, "Is that fun?" for the third time, and I said, "Yea..." He nodded and said. "Where I come from there isn't snow." Now this guy talked in kind of an accent that sounded like he was from India, but I wasn't about to ask him where he was from, so I just said, "Oh yea?" and then went sledding down the hill. But the whole time I was sledding he was watching me, even when my sisters came out with me, he just watched me sled. After I went down for, like, the 50th time I looked over and he was going back in. I honestly hope he has kids though, we're pretty lonely on my side of the base. The only kids are a little girl with skin problems, a family of kids 5 and younger and three teenagers across the street that only come out during the summer.