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Kade: chapter two

Posted about 7 days ago by Happy202

Chapter: 2
Silently, Bennie made her way down the stairs, careful not to step on the steps that creaked. It was twelve o’clock at night and her parents were still sleeping. Even though her stairs had carpet covering, they still creaked and groaned if you stepped on them. She used her power, fire, to light the way as she slowly walked down the stairs, past the living room. She stopped and went back, the TV was still on, and Nadia was sleeping on the couch. She was watching one of her little kids show. Bennie turned off the TV and found a blanket for Nadia. Nadia was a very pretty four-year-old, she had brown hair, light brown eyes, a nice white smile, and dimples. But, she was a little rude, if something didn’t go her way she’d throw a huge tantrum that could last for hours. Bennie kissed her head and continued on her trip to the kitchen. She passed the dining room, which still had plates covering the table. Slowly and quietly she used her telekinesis to life up the dishes and put them in the sink. She picked up the chairs and slowly pushed them in, trying not to make a sound. Bennie looked around, Ugh, she thought. She noticed the windows were still open. Slowly she closed them. Hoping no one heard the string run into the wall. She sighed and top-toed to the kitchen. Finally, she made it. What should I eat… she thought, tapping her chin. Oh! How about a cupcake? She thought, opening the fridge. She almost screamed at the site of a small rat in the fridge. She picked it up and sighed, it was Carlie’s toy. He was always hiding his freakish toys around the house, hoping to scare an unsuspecting victim. Carlie was a six-year-old with a big imagination. Filled with scary stories and gruesome tales. He had red hair, just like hid Dad, and freckles on his nose. Carlie had dark blue eyes, and the creepiest smile Bennie had ever seen. She shivered just thinking about it. Bennie searched around the fridge and found what she was looking for. Behind a big jug of milk was a small plate with two cupcakes on them. Mama had said to leave at least one for Junior. So, Bennie decided to take one. Junior was a small kid for his age, he’s eight and still can’t go to the bathroom alone. He’s scared of almost everything and has a hard time cooperating with other children. Not that he’s bad, it’s just. They scare him for some reason. Junior is probably the cutest boy out of the whole family. He had one blue eye, mixed with a little brown, and one green eye which had a little purple at the edges. One side of his hair was platinum blond, and the other side was jet black. Bennie snuck up the stairs, taking off the wrapper and eating the cupcake as she went. She got to the top and ran into something. She almost fell down the stairs, before something caught her. . . or someone. Bennie cursed under her breath. “Bennie, what do you think you’re doing?” Dad asked. Bennie’s dad had jet black hair and tan skin. He had a big chest and always looked as though he had just won a medal. Junior got one side of his hair color from his Dad. Bennie’s mom had platinum blond, which explains where Bennie and Junior got that color hair. Bennie was embarrassed she had gotten caught. “Just getting water, Dad.” She said, looking down. “Mhm, now go back to bed before you wake the others.” He said, using his ice powers to cool the flame in Bennie’s hand. She sighed, hopefully, Bennie wouldn’t trip over a toy on her way down the hallway.