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I'm back! (earlier than I expected)

Posted about 2 months ago by Happy202

Ayo, I'm back! So, I didn't think I'd be able to come back so soon. My parents made this rule a few days ago, if you don't do chores, homework, or if you disrespect people in the house. You get internet time taken away. Like, they legit made these accounts for us on some website. And it shuts down our computers completely turns off the internet until they turn it back on. Well, I earned enough points to get free unlimited internet time for Saturday and Sunday, (May 30-31) Each time you do a chore or something good you get points which adds up, and then you get reawrds.
There are other rewards like:
3 pts- You get a popsicle
6 pts- 2 hours of video games (your choice)
4 pts- more time outside
7 pts- two personal rolls of toilet paper
2 pts- drawing time, (they locked away all my drawing kits)
8 pts- alone time
stuff like that. . . that's like, our currency right now. Or at least, my sisters and I's currency. I'mma try to AT LEAST earn enough points to talk over the weekends. So actually, I might be seeing you next Saturday as planned.
Well, I just made this blog to say 'Hewo, I'm back. If you wanna chat talk to me today and tomorrow, (May 30-31) and I will make sure to answer back!"