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Chapter 6- MSFFBEC

Posted about 3 months ago by Happy202

From Ares point of view. . .

I looked at Brook, she was the cutest, nicest, smartest, most amazing girl that could have ever come into my life. I loved her more than every video game I owned. That's why I couldn't lose her to some douchbag like Chris. She hasn't heard his stories, hasn't heard what he's done. I'm the only one so far who's heard of his stories. Of heartbreak and loss. But that didn't happen to him. He's the one who's been breaking hearts. Tearing them to shreds and burning them. I didn't want Brook to go anywhere near him, I didn't want her to break. I needed to protect her. "So Brook, tell me something about yourself." Chris said, "Well, I. . ." Brook told Chris a few things about herself. I felt a fire burning inside me. Chris was NOT her friend. He had no right to call her Brook. She was MINE, I loved her more than anything. I balled up my fists. "You're so cute Brook!" Chris said, I turned just in time to see Chris putting his arm around her. That fire inside me burned brighter. How DARE he touch her. He wasn't even close to being her friend, they had just met! I stomped to Brooks' side and shoved Chris' arm off her shoulders. Then I grabbed my pillow case filled with all of Brook's candy and lifted her up onto my back. First she seemed confused, then happy. "I'm so tall now! Look at me Ares, I'm even taller than you!" Brook laughed, I smiled. "You're just like a cute little kid Brook." I said, Brook blushed. "Yeah I know." She said. "You know what I like to say? YOLO, you only live once Ares, so try to stay a kid for as long as you can!" Brook said, I saw Chris look at me out of the corner of my eye. Envy flowing off of him like smoke. I smiled, I made the little loser jealous. We reached the park near my house, "Well, let's stop here and look at our candy. Maybe even trade some." I said, letting Brook get of my back. She dropped to the ground and immediately poured out all her candy. "Wait! Don't pour yours out yet, let me get all of mine in a pile!" She said, reaching he arms around the giant pile in front of her, trying to pull every loose piece of candy to her. Chris bent down and helped her push them into the pile. "Thanks Chris!" Brook smiled, "It's my pleasure to help a cutie like you." Chris said winking, I looked at him in disgust. Who did he think he was? Didn't he see clearly how close Brook and I were? Why was he trying to get in the way of our relationship? I sat next to Brook and emptied my bag, sorting all my candy into piles. As I did this I realized, maybe, just maybe, I was being a little too over protective? I mean, she is her own person, and I want what's best for her. If she loves someone else, maybe I should let her go? But what if she doesn't have time for me anymore? I would be. . . lonely. Without Brook I am nothing. I'm just another boy, wishing I had someone to complete me. I had finished sorting by the time I finished thinking about that. "Well, I'm done sorting. Time for trading!" I said, Brook looked at me, "That was quick! So, what're you trading?" She asked, I pointed to a bag of marshmallows, M&M's and small skittle bags. "That's all the stuff I'm trading." I said, smiling. Brook looked through her stack, "Ah! Here's some gobstoppers. I'll trade this for a bag of marshmallows!" She said, I nodded and took her stack of gobstoppers in exchange for the marshmallow bag. She smiled and immediately opened the bag. Stuffing small marshmallows into her mouth. "Hey, hey now. Don't eat them too fast. You'll get sick, Brook." I said, Brook laughed. "I never get sick, I could eat all the candy in the world and never get sick!" She said, I laughed. "Okay, just slow down a little. For me?" I said, Brook looked down. "Okay. . ." She said. I looked at the marshmallow bag which was already empty. I looked at Brook in surprise, "H-how?" I asked, she looked at me and smiled. "They were itty, bitty. I ate them really quickly." She said. I shook my head. "Wow." Chris laughed, "Well, now I'm done sorting. Who wants to trade?" He asked. I looked at his stack of trading items. "I'll take your York and any other minty candy you have." I said. "Ew, minty candy is gross!" Brook said laughing. I laughed too, "No it's yummy! Too much chocolate is gross." I said, sticking my tongue out she. She pushed my face. "Nasty." She said laughing. Chris threw all of his minty candy at my face. "Hey! What was that for?" I asked, pushing it into my stack. "Oh, nothing." He said, a dark tone to his voice. "Now, I'll take all your small skittle packs." Chris said, reaching for them. I let him take the packs. "Thanks." He said. "Now that's what I'm talking about, take all the sweets!" Brook said. I laughed, "But too many sweet things make you sick." I said, "Sick smick. I don't really care, Halloween is a day to get sick and eat tons of candy! Come on, stop being so stiff and just eat some candy!" Brook said, I sighed. "Fine! But if I'm not at school tomorrow it's not my fault!" I said, Brook laughed. "Okay, okay." She said rolling her eyes. I opened a bag of skittles, and gulped. "Come on Ares, stop being a scaredy-cat!" Brook said, "Just eat them." I looked at the skittles. "What's going on. Ares? Are you seriously scared of CANDY?" Chris asked, smirking. I shook my head. "No, no. It's just." I started. "What?" Chris and Brook said at the same time. I sighed. "The truth is, I've never had sweets before. I've always been scared, after seeing my mom get seriously sick on Halloween, I've never eaten a piece of sweets since." I said. Chris and Brook looked at each other, then laughed. "You're such a baby, just eat it!" Brook said, grabbing some of her own skittles and shoving them in my mouth before I could protest. "N-" I tasted the sweetness and stopped. "Mmmmm!" I said, grabbing more skittles. "Tees ar nummy!" I said, mouthful of candy. Brook laughed. "I told you!" She said, taking some of her candy and eating it.

half an hour of eating candy and talking later. . .

"Ughh, my stomach hurts." I said, clutching my stomach. Brook scooted closer to me, "Maybe you need to go home Ares. You don't look so good." She said, putting a hand on my forehead. "Yeah, I don't feel good either." I said, I could feel something coming up from my throat. "I-I tink I'm going t-" I stood up quickly and ran to the grass, bending over and throwing up. Brook ran to me, "Ares! We need to get you home, I-I'm so sorry. For making you eat all that candy!" She said, I shook my head. "No, it's not your fault. It's mine for listening." I said, throwing up again. "You can stay here with Chris, I guess. I'm going home." I said, walking towards my house which wasn't far away. Brook ran to get our candy bags. "No, at least let me help you get home." She said, I nodded. "Fine." I said. After a few minutes of walking we'd finally reached my house. "You guys can go home." I said, Brook nodded. "Get better buddy, I need you." She said, I saw Chris stiffen. "Don't worry Brook, I'll try." I said smiling, I closed my door, ran to the kitchen, and threw up in the sink.

From Brook's point of view. . .

"Well, I feel bad now." I said, walking away. Chris grabbed my hand. "Don't, it wasn't your fault." he said, a soft look on his face. I blushed. "Well, I'm the one who convinced him to eat so much candy." I said. Chris shook his head, "Like he said, it's his fault for listening." Chris said, I sighed. "I guess. . ." He let go of my arm as I started walking to my house. "Hey, can I take you home?" He asked. I nodded, "Sure." I said. He grabbed my hand and walked me home. Once we'd arrived he stopped at the door. Grabbing my other hand. "You know Brook, you're so beautiful." He said, "And, I know I just met you, but I want you to be my girlfriend." Chris said, I froze, blushing. "Um, well. . ." I started. He pushed me against the door. My breath caught in my throat. Chris let go of my hands, and put his hands of my face. Tilting it up. "Please Brook?" He asked. "Um. ." I said, blushing. He kissed me, slowly before looking back at my face. Then, he walked away. My cheeks were burning, "Am I falling in love again?" I asked myself, turning to walk into my house. Butterflies filling in my stomach.