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Chapter 8- MSFFBEC

Posted about 27 days ago by Happy202

I opened the door and let in a very cold, covered in snow, embarrassed Chris into the house. "Hey Chris." I say, trying to sound like I was happy to see him. I saw his smile falter a bit, but then it went right back. "Hey Brook!" He said, happily. "I'm sorry for coming at this time." He said, quietly. I shrugged, "It's fine." I said. "Hang your coat on the coat rack, and put your shoes under it. I'll make a cup of hot cocoa if you'd like." I said, Chris smiled. "That would be awesome Brook! Thanks!" He smiled, taking off his jacket and snow pants. Even though I didn't want him here, he was still a guest. And I needed to treat him with respect. I whipped up a cup of cocoa and placed it on the small table next to my couch. I sat down and turned on the TV. I had started a new series called Recess, and I thought it was pretty interesting. Chris waited at the door, "What are you waiting for? Come sit on the couch. I have your cocoa." I sat, pointing to the table on the opposite side of the couch. Chris walked to that side and sat down, taking the mug and slowly drinking out of it. "So, how are you today?" He asked. Looking at me. "I'm fine, but I think I'm catching a small cold." I said, sniffling. As I said that I could feel my nose clog up. "How about you, Chris?" I asked, looking at him. He sighed and looked out of the kitchen window. "Today's not my best day." He said. I could tell there was something on his mind. I looked at him confused. "You okay?" I asked. "I guess." He said, looking into his mug. "You sure?" I asked. He nodded, then looked at the TV. Avoiding eye contact with me. We sat in silence for a few minutes, before I remembered, I had never told my parents Chris was inside. "Hey Chris, um, I'm going to be right back, okay?" I said, Chris nodded, eyes glued to the TV. I got off the couch, walked up the stairs, and to my parents room. "Daddy?" I asked, I heard a faint. "yes?" from across the room. "Um, so, remember Chris?" I asked, I heard pillows ruffling. "Yeah, you told me about him." I nodded, "Well, he came to our house and I saw he was really cold. So, I invited him in and gave him some cocoa." I said, I saw a black shape. "Thanks for telling me, but he has to go." Daddy said. "But. . ." I started. "No, he needs to leave. I don't really know about him." Daddy said, you could hear the anger in his voice. "But Daddy, I think there's something wrong at his house, he doesn't seem to want to talk about it though. Can he please just stay for a little longer?" I asked, I heard Daddy sigh, "Just let her honey, maybe there really is something wrong at his house. We should help him." I heard Mommy say. I smiled a little, "Okay, only for a little while longer." I heard Daddy say. I smiled even more. "Thanks so much!" I said, running back down the stairs to the living room. I sat down on the opposite side of Chris. "What were you doing?" He said, looking at me. "Oh, I was just telling my parents you were here." I said, Chris nodded. "Okay." He said, looking back at the show, the one episode we were watching was the episode where T.J and Spinelli kiss after Vince and Gretchen gave them a syrum that would test whether they would fall in love or not. I wasn't really paying attention though, so I didn't remember if it was Vince or Gretchen that made it. I sighed and looked at Chris, "So, why did you come here?" I asked, Chris sighed and looked at me. "It's kind of a family problem." He said, I nodded. "Would you like to talk about it?" I asked, Chris looked at me for a few minutes, thinking. "Sure." He said finally. "Okay, tell me." I said. "Okay, I came here because of my parents." He said, "When I lived in Florida I had a best friend that I could go to. And when I moved here the first person I met was Ares. So I thought we were going to be best buds. But, after that Halloween night he didn't want to see me anymore, he also told me to stay away from y-" He stopped. I looked at him confused, "What were you going to say?" I asked. "Oh, uh, nothing." Chris said straightening up, and looking away from me. What had Ares told Chris?

"Please tell me Chris, what did he tell you?" I pleaded, but Chris wouldn't say. He was quiet looking out of the window. "Please?" I asked again. Chris shook his head. "I swore Brook, if I break this promise he might never trust me again." Chris said softly. I crossed my arms and sat back onto the couch. I tried my best to look mad, but it was hard when I was so curious. "Come on!" I said shaking Chris. "Just tell me! I pinkie-swear I won't tell ANYONE. Not a soul!" I said. Chris smiled for a split second, then his face went serious again. "Your swear you won't tell anyone, don't even talk to Ares about it." Chris said. I nodded, "Cross my heart," I started, crossing my heart, "Hope to die," I made a fake gun with my fingers and put it to my head, "stick a cupcake in my eye" I said, pretending to shove a cupcake in my eye. Chris laughed. "Not a needle?" He asked, I shook my head. "I guess that's good, 'cause then I could still see both of your beautiful blue eyes." Chris said. I blushed a little a pushed him, Chris laughed. "Okay, okay. Spill the tea!" I said. Chris sighed, "Fine." I leaned in closer, "Ares told me that I shouldn't ever-" I jumped, someone was knocking on the front door. "Hurry! Just tell me!" I said, Chris shook his head. "No, you need to answer the door." He said, I groaned. "FINE! But you're going to have to tell me sooner or later!" I said getting up. I walked to my arctic room and opened the door. Then, I opened the front door. And you'll never guess who was standing there. . .